Procedure of a Feng Shui Clearing

Clearing is recommended prior to moving into a new flat, after serious illness, after stressful situations or in flats or houses with dubious pasts.

Clearing reduces negative energies that can persist in the rooms and walls. All of the negative vibrations in the masonry will be released through various gongs, triangles and other suitable musical instruments. With select incenses, foul odours can be neutralised in all of the rooms. After airing out the space well, Tibetan singing bowls reenergise all of the rooms with pure sounds. Aromatic essences and flavoured salts that are custom-tailored to you will increase your well-being.

Clearing requires not only a great deal of self-confidence and fine sensitivity, but also detailed expertise and a wide range of experience for the proper selection of all of the tools. For this reason, when providing feng shui consulting I only work together with select partners from the DFSI when a clearing is recommended – for example when you are planning to move.


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