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“The true value of a fine dwelling is judged best by the happiness of its occupants.”

There are certain basic rules in the Asian school of feng shui that you should observe when building and designing your house and garden in order to live harmoniously and in balance with nature. In order to fulfil your individual dreams in life, your house should be in the right location, have unique architecture and be designed according to the principles of feng shui.

Professional and confidential feng shui consulting begins with a private discussion about selecting a suitable property and consulting with your architect and interior designer to plan your new construction. The focus of my activities as a certified feng shui adviser is observing your property and house. Based on my impressions, the layout and your personal information, I will create a professional feng shui concept for you with recommendations for all of your living spaces and the garden layout.

Feng shui influences both your private as well as professional life. You can use the universally applicable principles of feng shui for your company as well.

With me as an expert at your side, you can positively affect your life in the future. I often work on international projects and will be happy to advise you worldwide.

Yours Martina Berchtold

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