Welcome on your path to happiness!

"The secret of happiness is freedom, but the key to freedom is courage."

Thukydides, analogous, approx. 454-396 BC

To be happy is a high goal. How can you fulfill this wish yourself? With rationality and a professional life consulting! Much has been philosophized about it in the course of history. A positive attitude towards life and a clever perspective enable you to live intelligently.

How do you want to live in the future? Which thinking and acting is reasonable? What are you content with? What values do you aspire? Have you created a balance for all areas of life? Do you know the correct amount of all things?

Be brave! I offer you a good conversation and an adventurous journey into a new life experience. I have been a successful Feng Shui consultant across Europe since 2008. In 2013, I expanded my advice to motivation, life consulting, support and accompainment during sport. My specialty is the connection of sports / activities with consultations (life consulting and active life guiding). Try it!

Your life coach
Martina Berchtold


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