Business Feng Shui Analysis

The principles of feng shui apply to restaurants, hotels, caf├ęs & lounges, boutiques and shopping centres, doctor's offices, law firms, public buildings, clubhouses and international companies as well as in the private sphere. Use these realisations in order to reach your business goals faster and more effectively by advantageously designing your business spaces.

To assess the current business situation, I will view the company grounds with you or one of your employees and then speak with you about the internal organisation, how individual processes work, the flow of information and the personal opinions of your employees. It is important for me that they also state your business goals during this discussion.

All of the information and company data are considered in the floor plan assessment for the feng shui analysis. Based on these results, I will offer you customised solutions that will support you in realising your company objectives. You will also receive these feng shui recommendations from me in writing for your files.

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