Private Feng Shui Consulting

My objective is that you feel great in your home. While touring your home, I'll explain to you the principles and major correlations of feng shui. You can describe to me in detail your personal situation and individual needs during a personal discussion, called an anamnesis.

I will assess the rooms in your house according to the qi flow, balance of yin & yang, the five elements theory and the Lehnstuhl principle. With the help of the bagua, the floor plan of your home will be separated into Tai Chi and the eight areas of life. All of the information you have previously provided will be reflected in the results.

After analysing your floor plan, I will explain what you can do to balance your garden and living area. I place great value on recommending stylish design elements, generous open space and the proper use of technology. After my visit, you’ll also receive these feng shui recommendations in writing for later reading.

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