My Life as professional Feng Shui consultant

My path in life consists of well-chosen stepping stones arranged the right way. My studies in biophysics, food technology at the Technical University of Munich and my work as an engineer and Master of Sciences in Germany and abroad led me to a point where I wanted to combine my skills as a scientist and my love of nature.

Thus, I turned to the German Feng Shui Institute (DFSI) and received professional sound training and profound advanced training by Feng Shui Master Thomas Fröhling. Besides being an independent and pan-European operating Feng Shui consultant, I am a partner of the DFSI and member of the DFSI Master Class. As part of my Master programme I am composing a scientific thesis on the life energy Qi.

As one of the best feng shui consultants in Germany I collected most of my references in the following categories:
Private feng shui consulting: feng shui consulting home, feng shui consuting garden, feng shui expert for real estate, feng shui home staging, feng shui real estate selling, feng shui house hunting, planning a new house with feng shui, electrosmog in houses and bedrooms.
Business feng shui consulting: feng shui doctor's practice, feng shui biomarket, feng shui corporation, feng shui company, feng shui golf complex, feng shui hotel.

I offer my feng shui consultings in Germany and in Europe for German-speaking customers. Most of the time I'm working in Regensburg, Nuremberg, Munich, Dachau, Pfaffenhofen, Ingolstadt, Erding, Landshut, Starnberg, Rosenheim, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, Valencia, Mallorca, Nice, Milano, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and London.

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